Goddess Perspective

"Be like the gods and laugh at yourselves!" 

"Know yourself as an aspect of Spirt and an representation of the Goddesses."

The Daily Goddess Perspective

Every ancient civilization had traditional stories of goddesses depicted as universal archetypes of our potentiality.  We have the potential, through choice, to be courageous, loving, just, wise, kind, and gentle.   

Below, seven of the ancient goddesses are channeled to send guidance and insight into how we can achieve our higher spiritual potential.  Just click on one of the pyramids to find their daily guidance.

Maat, Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Balance, Justice and Divine Wisdom.  Her channeled information is under Relationships/Red Pyramid.

Neith, Ancient Egyptian Goddess associated with Creation.  Her channeled information is under Personal Growth/Orange Pyramid

Isis, Ancient Egyptian Goddess associated with Abundance, Life and Simplicity.  Her channeled information is under Prosperity/Yellow Pyramid.

Hathor, Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Love and Joy.  Her channeled information is under Love/Green Pyramid. 

Ninhusag - Ancient Sumerian Goddess of Earth.  Her channeled information is under Health/Blue Pyramid

Brigid - Ancient Celtic Fire Goddess of Light and Inspiration.  Her channeled information is under Being Yourself/Indigo Pyramid

Seshat - Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Writing, Astronomy and Mathematics.  Her channeled information is under Purpose/Purple Pyramid

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