Shirley Wright and Annette Wright are a mother and daughter jewelry design team dedicated to making unique pieces that allow you to express your individuality to the world.  Our philosophy is jewelry should reflect, magnify and express the sophistication, worldliness, and joy in every woman.  We have and can create pieces for every woman and every occasion.

Our one of a kind designs are crafted from organic elements- semi-precious stones, pearls, wood, and seeds.  These designs reflect the beauty of nature and are as daring, individualistic and fun as our customers.  Custom made one-of-a-kind jewelry, ranging from simple to complex, is versatile and striking and allows the wearer to be creative in her personal expression. 

We hope you enjoy our work and allow us to design a special piece just for you.

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$ 50.00 - $100.00

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Striped Agate, Red Aventuringe and Bail Silver Necklace

Striped agate, red aventuringe and bail silver necklace- 18-20 inches in length.

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$ 75.00

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Turquoise, Red Coral and Silver Necklace

Turquoise, Red Coral and Silver Necklace- 18" in length

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